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Maharashtra Lok Sabha Polls Results 2014

Maharashtra Lok Sabha Polls Results 2014 :- Maharashtra is one of the most important states from Lok Sabha Elections point of view. In Maharashtra BJP-Shiv Sena & BJP- MNS are in alliance, where as on other side NCP-Congress are together. Raj Thackeray says that he is supporting Narendra Modi, so that he can look after Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Bihar. Because of no or very little income source in these states most of young people shifts to Maharashtra, Mumbai in search of Job. But right now Lok Sabha elections 2014 season is all around. People are despirately waiting who will win Lok Sabha elections 2014 in Maharashtra.

Maharashtra lok sabha elections results 2014

Maharashtra Lok Sabha Elections Results 2014 

Result of Lok Sabha Elections Maharashtra 2014 will be announced on 16th of May. Parties are working hard to get maximum seats in Maharashtra and support their alliances in center.