Lok Sabha Elections 2014 for 543 Constituencies

The Lok Sabha elections will be held in 9 phases all over India for 543 parliamentary constituencies.These are 16th Lok Sabha elections and are going to be longest elections in number of days as compared to other Lok Saba Elections. There are 23,161,296 electors aged between 18 and 19 years out of a total of 814,591,184 electors in the country, thus constituting 2.8% of the national electorate.

Voting will take place in all 543 parliamentary constituencies of India to elect Members of Parliament in the Lok Sabha. The result of this election will be declared on 16 May 14, before the 15th Lok Sabha completes its constitutional mandate on 31 May 2014.

State wise 543 Lok Sabha Parliamentary Constituencies

Uttar Pradesh 80
Maharashtra 48
Andhra Pradesh 42
West Bengal 42
Bihar 40
Tamil Nadu 39
Madhya Pradesh 29
Karnataka 28
Gujarat 26
Rajasthan 25
Orissa 21
Kerala 20
Assam 14
Jharkhand 14
Punjab 13
Chhattisgarh 11
Haryana 10
Jammu and Kashmir 6
Uttarakhand 5
Himachal Pradesh 4
Arunachal Pradesh 2
Goa 2
Manipur 2
Meghalaya 2
Tripura 2
Mizoram 1
Nagaland 1
Sikkim 1
Union Territories
Delhi 7
Andaman and Nicobar Islands 1
Chandigarh 1
Dadra and Nagar Haveli 1
Daman and Diu 1
Lakshadweep 1
Pondicherry 1
Six constituencies in two states will go to the polls on April 7; seven in five states on April 9; 92 in 14 states on April 10; five in three states on April 12; 122 in 13 states on April 17; 117 in 12 states on April 24; 89 in nine states on April 30; 64 in seven states on May 7; and 41 constituencies in three states on the last day of polling on May 12.

So these are 543 Lok Sabha Seats for Parliament. In 2009 UPA win and Manmohan Singh second time became PM of India.


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